World War One

First Person Accounts and Primary Source Documents

Lot 27
A fragmented lot of 8 letters from U.S soldiers during 1918 to early 1919. First three letter are courtship letters from Howard Courtis to Alice Jones. Three letters from sons to a Mrs Allen in Connecticut. Two from brother Ralph Forcehel fighting in France to sister Anna in Chicago.  read more

Lot 19
Fourteen letters mostly from Corporal Ward B Scripture of the 328th Infantry to his Mother in Mils, Maine from January 1918 to May 1919. He was stationed in France and England in 1919, talks about life there, trying to get home and his plans.  read more

Lot 17
Lot of world war one letters from Private Lewis Driscoll of the 1st Recuit Company. Talks of his fiancee Hazel, his sister, his aunts and uncles and other people in Dubuque. Lot contains many photographs of shipped served on and collegues served with. Later contains many censored letters of 72nd Artillary Company, an American Expeditary Force somewhere in France. read more

Lot 12
A single ww1 letter from Alf Smith of the Royal Engineers stationed in Peking and Hong Kong in 1914 to his Mother. Talks of various topics.  read more

Lot 3
One 3 page letter from a father in the 1383-16th Army in August 1918 to his son Russel also a soldier. Mentions many members of the family also in different regiments of the army. read more

Lot 2
A letter from S(Sean or Sam).B. Adams of USA army Section 60/510 pai B.C.M from a dugout near Paris in Febrary 1918 to his Aunty Everett P. Hops Woburn living in Woburn, Massachusetts. read more

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